Top 11 Restaurant Reviews App

Top 11 Restaurant Reviews App

Food apps are probably one of the most important apps any foodie can have on their phones. Whether if you love to have thousands of recipes at your fingertips, or the ability to virtually wait in line at a restaurant so that you can come in once your wait time is up, food apps are incredible.

Below are some awesome apps that I truly believe every foodie must have on their phone. From getting free food at restaurants to discovering delicious restaurant recommendations from your favorite top chefs, you’ll find the perfect app that’s just waiting to help you dominate your next dining experience.

Here are all of the best restaurant apps every foodie should have in their arsenal.

  1. Trip Advisor
  2. Foursquare
  3. Open Table
  4. Acorns
  5. Urbanspoon
  6. Chefs Feed
  7. Grubhub
  8. Fork It by Kitchenbowl
  9. Starbucks App
  10. Yelp
  11. NoWait

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